YouTube is one of the social platforms that have a lot of exposure. If you really want to grow and also share your portfolio as you try to find new jobs, YouTube might be able to help you. The idea is that photographers, videographers, artists and designers can easily showcase their work in the form of a video. And YouTube is the best platform for sharing such videos. SocialBoss will help you promote your portfolio on YouTube as you try to rack up more clients. But here you have some other great ideas as well.

Combine multiple content pieces into a single video

This way people get to see the type of work you do in various situations. A compilation is great especially as a channel intro video. This way people get to see the type of stuff that you create and they will know what to expect from you. The more and the better the content you create, the better it will be for you in the end.

Share timelapse videos of your work

You will have to start the camera and put it on recording mode for a few hours. Then with help from editing software you can create amazing timelapse videos. It’s a great type of video and you will find it a lot easier to show how you create your work. People get to see every step as you get closer and closer to the final product.

Create a playlist with your work

It’s important to note that a lot of people enjoy browsing playlists and they get their content there. If you want more leads and customers, creating a playlist can pretty much become a priority. The idea is to fully understand the meaning of this list and actively focus on creating the best possible list that you can. It will totally be worth it!

Show user testimonials

Believe it or not, a lot of people will be more enticed to work with you after seeing your portfolio. However, it’s the reviews and testimonials that will make them pull the trigger. If a potential customer sees that you are indeed a professional and you provide good work, he will focus on working with you. And that’s exactly the type of work you need. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but adding testimonials can do wonders and you do need to test it out.

Every little idea is good when you want to promote your portfolio on YouTube. Be it a showcase video or even a review video where you plug your work at the end can help a lot. You need to be very creative as you try to promote your work on YouTube. Sometimes it will be natural, other times less so. But as long as you experiment and keep trying, the results will shine. So yes, try to focus as much as you can on showing the type of work you can do. And you can even add a funny spin on it if you want to!